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The Pecking Chickens
Time-honored toy has been
fascinating children for over 100 years!

Step 7: Next, cut out the chicken heads from 1/4-inch thick stock.  Separate the heads (if pad sawing multiples) and drill the
1/16-inch diametert holes for the #18 brad hinge and the string, as shown in the Chicken and Head Assembly.  The brad pivot hole is drilled all the way through from side-to-side -- while the string mounting hole is drilled only about 1/4-inch deep from back-to-front.

Step 8: Attach the strings to the heads by threading their ends into the head holes and gluing them in position with a
toothpick wedge (broken off flush) to hold them firmly.  Hinge each head to a body with a #18 brad.  Be sure to allow enough room for the string to slide.You may have to sand the sides of the heads slightly before assembly so they pivot freely in the body kerf.

Step 9:Mount the chicken bodies to the paddle with 1/4-inch dowels.

Step 10: Feed the strings through the countersunk holes in the paddle(s) and fasten them to a bead, as shown, using a small wedge to hold them tightly in position.

NOTE: Be sure all strings are the same length so they pull equally. Attach a weight (hardwood ball or lead fishing weight) to the bead.

Step 11: Glue the seeds in the center of the paddle, close enough for the chickens to peck at, but not actually hit.

Step 12: Paint or apply an oil finish, as you prefer.

Suggested Retail Price:  $15 to $20


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